Christmas Wreaths, Candle Pots and … and …

Gill has been having amazing success this year with her Festive wreaths, candle pots, table centres and other delights and favourites for Christmas. So much so, we have decided to open Dove Cottage for anyone within hailing distance to see the LOVE DOVE COTTAGE style and place final orders for Christmas …

LOVE DOVE OPEN HOUSE 2017 PostersmallBumble


… or just to soak up the joy of Christmas. You can see a lot of Gill’s current work on Facebook and Instagram at the addresses shown above. We look forward to seeing you if you can be in Kilmartin on Monday from 4-8pm.

A Merry Little Christmas

Another year and the Christmas season has almost passed.This year I chose to decorate Dove Cottage with natural silvery greens, whites and mercuried silver…and a subtle dash of red here and there for festive warmth. I have draped these lovely little candles over my trees for more than twenty years now, and hung the exquisite hand blown glass baubles too. This encapsulates Christmas for Emma and Marc, and us generally as a family.
Hope you have all had a magical Christmas!

Dove Cottage Christmas
Dove Cottage Christmas


Dove Cottage, December 2015

Return to Argyll

After much agonizing, we decided that the time had come to return to Argyll. Reasons are many and varied – as they were for our decision to stretch ourselves in new pastures. Our time in County Wicklow has been tremendously rewarding in so many ways, and we leave behind friendships strengthened and now much missed daily; but as soon as we set foot in Argyll again, we knew that this was the place from which our creativity drew its inspiration.

So there is a poignancy and a sadness in this renaissance. It illuminates the longing for their homeland experienced by so many who were torn from it by landowners ruthlessly sending men and women to they-knew-not-what in a new world; all in the name of old world profitability. If the stories are to be believed, the rulers in this most beautiful of lands were particularly cruel to their tenants.

We launch ourselves into the work with enthusiasm and rejuvenation. We hope to open our home/studio/gallery to visitors in the not-too-distant future encouraging everyone who will to LOVE Dove Cottage as we do.


LOVE Dove Cottage

Since 2009, Gill and I have been Dove Cottage Studio for our artwork, and more recently, when we sold The Oystercatcher Gallery, Gill has been Gill Stewart Flowerscape for her wedding and event flower styling, while my photography has been By George! Images. Artwork can be seen at George Stewart Artist and at this website. There is much more besides, but we have thankfully not given these other endeavours their own name.

Now is the time to pull it all together and offer an eager public (are you eager?) a banner under which we can freely move and work for all that we do. Flowerscape will continue to be Gill’s trading name, but all our passions, inspirations and the fleeting impressions will be given voice – or visual form at least  – via Love Dove Cottage. Our new Facebook page launched today, and our blog will follow soon.

This website will continue to be our platform also, and to that end we have changed the title from Dove Cottage Studio to Love Dove Cottage – because we do – and we know that many of you love Dove Cottage too.

George John Stewart, June 2015

Love Dove Cottage logo 3heart

The New Studio

Things progress apace and the new Studio is now in working order. Principally for an artspace to be used by Gill and myself, it will also be pressed into service for Gill’s Wedding Flower business FLOWERSCAPE when needed.

We can be contacted on 0873420239 (George) or 0894722852 (Gill), although Gill’s mobile reception is not too good here, in which case the landline is 045 867267 [ext214]. Email is often easiest on

George John Stewart

14th April 2015

Kilmartin House Christmas Craft Fair 2012

Yes, it is that time of year again. I know it doesn’t seem like it, and last year’s has only just gone hasn’t it? Yet some things that happened a long time ago only happened yesterday. How do we work that one out? Who knows? But that is all in the past so lets look to the present … or lets look to the presents; Christmas presents!
The KILMARTIN HOUSE MUSEUM CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR has appeared out of the mists of time like Brigadoon…
…and yes we have passed through the mists again and transported back to 1745 or whatever, where for the next hundred years until we reappear…or at least for Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd December we shall be selling our cards prints and original artworks along with some seasonal floristry and ……
…Why don’t you just come along and see? You’ll love it! We’re in the marquee with Jane Bruce’s Aunty Jane cakes and bags on Saturday, and upstairs inside on Sunday.
Everything you ever wanted and more, right here, right now! Don’t delay! You’ll miss everything if you don’t go and then you’ll regret it forever! Or until Tuesday, whichever comes first.

2012 Craignish Arts Festival

This years Craignish Arts Festival starts today and promises to be a great event in the Argyll Arts Calendar. It runs until the 5th of August and Gill and I have a few paintings in the Ardfern Exhibition.

Craignish Village Hall, Ardfern – July 21st – August 5th. 10am – 5pm – work by local artists.

Here is one of our images for this year. Will post more as they are ready for publication.