The Best Trip A’hve Bin In…

I would nae like leavin’ ma bones,
In a locker beside Davy Jones,
From Ardrishaig to Crinan’s the best trip A’hve bin in,
The Crinan Canal for me.
My new exhibition; entitled ALWAYS ARGYLL: FROM ARDRISHAIG TO CRINAN takes these words from ‘The Pufferman’s Song’ as its inspiration. From Ardrishaig to Crinan (or vice versa) is the Crinan Canal – a source of much joy and pleasure over the years.
From the banks of the canal I have derived an unsurpassed visual horizon, matched only by the view of Kilmartin Glen from my garden.
It is appropriate that this should be my first exhibition after returning to my homeland from a sojourn in Ireland, and I am grateful to Artmap Argyll an The Dochas Gallery for giving me this opportunity.
My pictures for this show are my principal illustrations for a book I am putting together of my sketches. It will be the first of an intended series entitled Always Argyll (long may the memory linger) – another song which I hold dear, and which my son in law sings well. I mean no offence to my other dear son-in-law, who as far as I know is not musically inclined, but is equally talented in other ways.

Exciting times indeed. I am looking forward to it…

copyright G J Stewart MMXVI