Music on the Green, Kilmartin

‘Music on the Green’ was Kilmartin’s Gala Day for 2016 – aimed at the young people of the area in particular, and featured the school pipe band and a number of local musicians. On a beautiful June Saturday afternoon, it was a well-nigh perfect event. I took the opportunity to produce a handful of quick loose sketches, which I reproduce below. These were a sort of light relief from my current project – producing a pile of sketches (not so quick or loose) of the Crinan Canal. There will be an exhibition of these Canal works in August in Lochgilphead’s Dochas Gallery. Details to follow soon.

IMG_1372 (Edited)IMG_1373 (Edited)IMG_1402 (Edited)IMG_1404 (Edited)IMG_1405 (Edited)IMG_1406 (Edited)IMG_1408 (Edited)