Return to Argyll

After much agonizing, we decided that the time had come to return to Argyll. Reasons are many and varied – as they were for our decision to stretch ourselves in new pastures. Our time in County Wicklow has been tremendously rewarding in so many ways, and we leave behind friendships strengthened and now much missed daily; but as soon as we set foot in Argyll again, we knew that this was the place from which our creativity drew its inspiration.

So there is a poignancy and a sadness in this renaissance. It illuminates the longing for their homeland experienced by so many who were torn from it by landowners ruthlessly sending men and women to they-knew-not-what in a new world; all in the name of old world profitability. If the stories are to be believed, the rulers in this most beautiful of lands were particularly cruel to their tenants.

We launch ourselves into the work with enthusiasm and rejuvenation. We hope to open our home/studio/gallery to visitors in the not-too-distant future encouraging everyone who will to LOVE Dove Cottage as we do.