People-watching on a Sunday Afternoon

There are few things more enjoyable than sitting outdoors at a café, sipping a coffee and watching the world go by. Most of us I believe are people-watchers, keen to study the anthropological predispositions of others in our species. How we sit and talk; walk and run; the interactive signals – both learned and inherent – that we make to signify mood, temperament, character and disposition; all these fascinate us to a greater or lesser degree, but the information gleaned is essential for our daily survival.

I was not much interested in photographing these life moments until I began to photograph weddings about 5 years ago. It kindled an interest in photographing people, other than the record one keeps of family and friends to remind us of good times when apart. In my professional life, I came from the perspective of the landscape photographer, as that is my principal interest as far as my painting is concerned. The photography was an adjunct to my drawing and painting. When circumstances offered the opportunity to earn by the photography, I embraced it as a new and exciting challenge and with subject matter that required a completely new approach.

Landscapes/seascapes/flowers/my surroundings are still my first love, but I have found a good measure of satisfaction in considering people with photography. So if you visit the By George! Photography page you will see a slideshow of photographs of a recent people-watching afternoon. The photographs are not cropped or straightened, or otherwise edited, except for a muting of the colour to please my eye.

I have also produced a video of the photographs to be found on Vimeo here.

George John Stewart

4th June 2015