Seascapes and Birds

When Gill and I had our Gallery, a popular range of original pieces were a series of small (and some large) seascapes painted on various artisan papers – handmade paper; flower petal papers; etc – usually with an assortment of seabirds included. Our gallery overlooked Campbeltown harbour in Argyll, Scotland and so such artworks spoke of sights readily visible in Campbeltown Loch and from almost any vantage point on the peninsula.

I have felt to return to this type of painting after a break of 5 years or so as I have always enjoyed the challenge and the resulting surface textures of this artistic viewpoint. It is not something I have seen others do, although I feel it inevitable that some must, but I see it as a style that I still need to explore – moving on to other subjects perhaps; a natural change of direction as we live on the landward side of County Wicklow.

Here are the first few results of my efforts this month.